The majesty of syrah! A strain that we love aged and young. Thanks to its characteristic expression the experience on the palate is almost from heaven. Usually, the grapes are harvested by hand when the weather is cooler. Then, the fermentation begins with a gentle maceration and daily batonnage, to eventually conquer anyone!

Regarding Syrah, at Casa Marin we enjoy using this fantastic grape in many ways – the Litoral, Rosé, Miramar, Garnacha Blend, and many other wines have been produced since our first harvest 2005. All our wines from Syrah have something in common – intensity in texture and flavor. Cheers to the Syrah!


The grape bunches stand out for their firmness and dark fruits, with a firm skin, vivid and bright acid, make this one of the best-known red-vine wines worldwide, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. But it does not stop there, when combined with other strains Syrah offers many exciting new ways to be enjoyed, such as the classic French GSM blend from the Southern Rhone Garnacha, Cariñena, and Mourvedre, among others.

When talking about the history of Syrah in Chile, it could be said that this grape is a recent addition to our traditional viticulture, since its grapes arrived in the territory in 1984. Syrah quickly spread throughout the valleys of the country spreading its delicious intensity on its way. According to the Wines of Chile, Syrah is reflective of the different terrains it sets its roots in, creating big wines with powerful aromas of black fruits in warm climates, to spicy rustic and complex wines in cold climates.


Syrah (A.K.A. Shiraz in Australia) and Cabernet Sauvignon (A.K.A. Cab Sauv) are probably the most preferred wines in Chile; however, the latter is distinguished by its flavor; with classic notes such as red berries, plums and black cherries, fruits that also give it its characteristic ruby ​​purple tone. On the other hand, Syrah is a deeper wine with a different intense flavor. Casa Marin’s Syrah is a unique expression of the cold coastal climate – marked by its firm yet elegant acidity and tannins. Syrah Miramar has been described by many international journalists such as Jancis Robinson as an expression similar to the Syrah of North Rhône. And it was chosen twice among the 50 best wines of the year in the renowned English magazine: Decanter Magazine.


To start categorizing wine, it is necessary to start with red and white. From there, wines are organized by grape varietals, each with distinctive properties, which make different glasses the best company for different evenings.

Syrah, for example, pairs perfectly with well-seasoned strong red meats, such as lamb, beef, pork or game.


Pairing Syrah with intense roasted meats works because Syrah is intense on its own. In fact, a bottle of Syrah can be compared to a roast, and like all roasts, the key components of black pepper, woody herbs, sausages and smoked cold cuts could not be missing. But if you are in the mood for snacking, remember Syrah is intense, the grape would be a good pairing with Roquefort or goat cheese, or any other intense cheese. Black olive paste or hummus are also excellent alternatives, and even more so if they are spread on a crusty ciabatta bread. Woody capers are the perfect finishing touch.

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But if you don’t eat meat, don’t worry, Syrah Rosé is the best ally for pairing baked or grilled vegetables, bringing a unique touch to zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines. As you can see, there is no way to miss it.

This Syrah Rosé came to break barriers. This wine can be paired with soft cheeses, fish, shellfish or even with salads and vinaigrettes. There are too many good options!

Finally, we invite you to celebrate responsibly, each bottle has something to say, a moment to share with the family, unforgettable moments with friends, an impromptu date on the balcony, or simply a barbecue in the backyard, at the end of the bottle you realize that it was all worth it.